How To Unlock Programs

This will be the first of a new series. This series will just be short videos exploring cool freeware that can be very useful. So the first freeware program to make the list is called “Unlocker“. If you’ve ever gotten a “Cannot move or delete folder: Access is Denied” error when trying to move or delete a file, this program will allow you to see what process is using it so that you can unlock it from any processes and delete it.

Free Inbound Calls

Receive free calls from anyone using GrandCentral and Gizmo. Gizmo is a free VOIP (Voice Over IP) computer phone program. GrandCentral allows you to create a phone number in any area code and you can set it so that when people call that number, it will forward the call to any number of phones, including your Gizmo phone.

Make A Digital Picture Frame

This video will show you how you can make your own digital picture frame using a Mattel Juicebox (and MP3 kit) and a shadowbox that you can get at any craft store. All of the materials cost less than $30.