Beginners Guide To Projection Mapping

Tinkernut Labs

Basic overview of what we will be doing

This video will show you how the basics of projection mapping and how to do it on the cheap!

Parts and Downloads

You’ll need a projector, so here are a few options:

TOTAL COST: ~$60.00 or less

Important Links

Installing and Configuring VPT7

  1. VPT7
  2. Beginners Guide Tutorial

Projection Mapping Examples:
Pomplamoose “Happy Get Lucky”

LG Electronics Building Projection

Audi A1 Car Projection


Urban Survival 101 [Youtube Nextup Collaberation]

This video will show you how to create a fully functioning stove out of junk. To be more specific, we’ll create a grill out of a coffee can, tin foil, a cooling rack, 9v battery and steel wool.

After learning how to make this, check out the Cooking With Jack Channel ( to learn how to cook on it!


Partner Project 13: Mobile Apps

In part 13 of the Partner Project, we discuss different options for making your website or Youtube channel mobile by showing you paid and free options for making mobile apps for your content.

For those interested in coding your own apps from scratch, here’s the links to the individual developer portals for each phone:

For Apple: ($99)
For Windows Phone 7: ($99)
And forJava Phones (which is essentially all dumb phones): ($0)
And here’s the free App creator programs available:
AppInventor (Android):
Andromo (Android): – splits add revenue with you 50/50
AppMakr (Android, iOS, WP7):
Conduit (All Smartphone Platforms): – splits add revenue with you after your app becomes popular
If you’re using the app for a Youtube channel, here’s an extra tips to help you along:
To embed your Youtube Channel as an RSS feed, use this format:
Where YOUR_CHANNEL is the name of your Youtube channel.