• Auto-Tune Your Voice For Free

    In this episode, we will mimic Cher and T-Pain by using free software to auto-tune our voices.


  • How To Mix Your Own Music

    In this episode, Gigafide will show you free resources that will help you mix your own customized music.

    ROC – http://aviary.com/online/music-creator
    Myna – http://aviary.com/online/audio-editor
    Freesound – http://www.freesound.org
    Flashkit – http://www.flashkit.com/loops/

  • Awesome Dropbox Tricks

    Here are some cool Dropbox tricks that will turn you into a power user in no time!

    Dropbox – http://www.dropbox.com

    Akira – http://macobex.wordpress.com

    More cool tricks – http://tinkernut.com/forum/video-tutorial-help/awesome-dropbox-tricks

  • Internet Music Overload

    The web is an almost unlimited resource for finding and listening to new music. This video details some of the best free music websites and what they can offer.  For the links used in the video and questions about the video, please visit the forum link: