Run Linux Inside Windows

This will show you how you can load and run Ubuntu Linux on Windows without even having to restart your computer. The links used in this tutorial are listed here: – (172.9 MB) – (697.9MB) – (23.2KB)

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  • unit // //

    It’s my 1st time and I might started with the wrong foot but what should I do ? ..let me know.
    I like to watch this and use your demo but…. come on man you so much unclear with your you tube video that there is no point to waste time . Don’t you see yourself ? Why do you waste your and my time? Why do you Invite anyone here since you don’t care ? Is this just for your advertisers our email addresses? Nothing irritates me more then then creepy websites. IS THAT YOUR GOAL to be as poor in quality as possible?

  • friends // //

    hello would you please tell me about backtrack and how to install it….

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