How To Make Smartphone Controlled Christmas Lights

Learn how to make Android or iPhone controlled Christmas lights (or other electronic objects) using a raspberry pi.

Music Synchronized Christmas Lights –

USB Christmas Lights –

Raspberry Pi tutorial –

Download Rasbian –

Download WebIOPi –

SSR Details –

Cool Geek Stuff – May 16th, 2012

Cool geek stuff for the week of May 16th, 2012

Tutorial of the week:
Install the Android OS on a PC using VirtualBox

Game of the week:
Realm of the Mad God is a massively co-op 16-bit action RPG that drops you into the thick of the fight in a world overwhelmed by monsters

Cool Site of the week:
Mix and Remix Youtube videos and become your own internet VJ!

The Art Of Phishing

Phishing is a means of fooling people into giving you their private information. This video shows the basics of how phishing schemes work so that you can avoid becoming a victim.

How To Hack The Nook Color


Take a Nook Color from Barnes & Nobel and turn it into a super-tablet with some pretty amazing features.

What is hacking?

What do you think of when you hear the word “hack”? Do you know what it means to really be a hacker? This video tries to help shed some light on hacking.

Hacker Manifesto:

How to become a hacker:

Hide Secret Messages In Audio

If you’re into making secret messages, this episode will show you how you can embed text and images into audio spectrographs. See if you can decode my sound clips at

Links used in this video:


Sonic Visualiser


How To Make A Hackintosh Using Virtualbox

In this episode, you will learn how to install Mac OSX Snow Leopard on a PC using Virtualbox. For this, you will need a retail copy of OSX. Otherwise, you can watch this video:

If you’ve ever tried to copy a TV series DVD to your computer, you know how hard it is to get it split into individual episodes. This video aims to make that task a lot easier.

DVD Fab: