• Beginners Guide To Windows 8

    This is a beginners guide for Windows 8 to show basic use, tips, and tricks.

  • Motion Detecting Confetti Bomb

    Create a motion detecting confetti blaster using a new years confetti popper, a mouse trap, and an air freshener.

  • Cool Wiimote Tricks Using A PC

    This video shows you how to connect a Wii remote to a PC and some different tips and tricks you can do with it. For all links and websites used in the video, please visit the URL below:

  • Use Any Object To Control Your Computer

    ***UPDATE: The software has now been updated to 8.0. Please disregard the method I suggest in this video and follow the updated method that is listed here:



    This is a follow up tutorial to the video posted about using a webcam to control games:

    This video introduces a free Firefox add-on that allows you to navigate through Firefox using mouse gestures.