Install A Counter-Strike Server On Android

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My favorite first-person shooter game growing up was Counter-Strike. Now this nostalgic game has been portablized. So in this episode, I show you how to install a Counter-strike server on an Android device.

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How To Install

The portable Counter-Strike initiative isn’t backed by the original distributors of the game, so it isn’t supported by Valve or the original Counter-Strike creators. So to grab the unsupported portable version of the game, you need to go to Across the top of the menu, you’ll see links to download the portable version, or to even play online. Keep in mind, though, that the online version can’t network with the portable versions.

Counter-Strike Logo

iOS Devices

Installing CS portable on iOS devices is considerably more difficult than Android devices because of Apple’s strict App approval procedures. But here’s the basic procedure:

  1. Download a jailbreaking tool such as GreenPoison that matches the iOS version that you have installed (current version is 5.1.1).
  2. Jailbreak your iOS device and install cydia using these steps.
  3. Inside of Cydia, you need to install Installous. Here’s a nice guide to help you do that.
  4. Now you can use Installous to download and install CS portable. Here are a couple of guides to help out with that: [Guide 1] [Guide 2]

Android Devices

For Android devices, the process is much simpler.

  1. In the settings of your android device, make sure that your applications are set to allow unknown sources.
  2. Now you can download the CS-portable APK file for android to your computer and use a method, such as Dropbox to transfer it to your device.
  3. Using a file browser/explorer, find and open up the CS-portable APK file

Now you should just be able to open it up like a regular App and start playing!

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How to set up a Minecraft Server


Minecraft is a super popular games among the geek community. So in this episode, I’ll show you how to set up your own Minecraft game server.

You can download the server software here:

If you have a mac, use the command line to launch the server software:
java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui

Here’s the contents of the file:

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