Try Out The New Firefox OS!!!

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Mozilla (the creators of Firefox) has been working on a new Mobile Operating System called “Gecko”. This video will show you how you can install it on your computer to test it out.
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How To Install


The Firefox dev platform is made to run on Mac and Linux, so it’ll be easier to install. You can find a simple guide here. But basically the process is as follows:

Firefox Mobile OS

  1. Download the latest B2G isntaller] for your Operating system (you can find nightly builds here).
  2. Use Git to download a Gaia profile for the Firefox OS to use.
git clone git://
  1. Use GCC to actually compile the profile
make -C gaia profile
  1. On Linux, use the command below to launch the program, where /path/to/b2g is the actual path to the desktop build on your machine
/path/to/b2g -profile gaia/profile
  1. On a Mac, use the command below to launch the program, where <your username> is your Mac username
/Applications/ -profile /Users/<your username>/gaia/profile


Since windows doesn’t have a build in option to “make” the profile, we kind of have to use a workaround. Otherwise, it’s essentially the same.

  1. Download the latest B2G isntaller] for your Operating system and unzip it to your computer (you can find nightly builds here).
  2. Instead of installing “git”, I’ve uploaded a gaia-profile to my website that you can download.
  3. Unzip the gaia-profile to your b2g folder that you downloaded
  4. Also, in your b2g folder, right-click on b2g.exe and choose “create shortcut”
  5. In the “target” textbox, add -profile “C:\<path to your b2g folder>\gaia-profile”. Essentially it will look something like this:
C:\Users\<your username>\Desktop\b2g\b2g.exe -profile "C:\Users\<your username>\Desktop\b2g\gaia-profile"
  1. Double click on the shortcut and it should load the interface

A Word Of Warning

This release is not meant to be an entirely functional version. If you’re not a curious early adopter, there’s no really reason to download and try this. It’s only for those that want to see what Firefox is up to.

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