Beginners Guide To Windows 8

This is a beginners guide for Windows 8 to show basic use, tips, and tricks.

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  • rapboy // //

    i heard that windows 8 wont support must of the softwares is it true and what about supporting the game?

  • MrLegend582 // //

    I am dieing to know which softwatre u use to make ur videos please tell please …

  • andrei // //

    I have been using win8 Professional with that cmd activator for a few months now and I’m really pleased with it. I like it a lot and it runs perfect on my Desktop. Drivers are compatible regular programs are compatible gaming experience is great. I found no fatal or regular errors since… The Metro UI works excellent. Im pretty sure that I will keep this as my main OS.

  • J W // //

    My windows 8 keeps going in to sleep mode every 2 mins.Even with all my settings are high

  • 12345 // //

    Hey gigafide,
    I want to try out windows 8 but I only have 2 GB of ram, so it can’t go into a VM. But I don’t want to screw up my computer doing a full blown install. Is there an online tour of windows 8?

  • Z // //

    I tried this OS while it was in beta about a year ago. It has many “touch friendly” features but felt clunky in a desktop environment. At the time it did not have very many “apps” or programs that worked with it. The experience went something like this, install a program and it doesn’t have a tile on the “metro” and then you have to look for it. This was one thing this video did very well was show some of the basic hiding places. The smartest thing M$ has done with the release of Windows 8 is to push the flip type laptops/tablets. I think when it come to the businesses, that make up the core of M$’s market, there will be many unhappy customers. It could rival vista for unhappy customers. This would be an ideal time to see other efforts for desktop and laptop operating systems to hit the market.

  • AppleValley // //

    I’ve been trying to figure out Windows 8 for a couple weeks now. The experience is very different from my iPhone. I expect to be able to do more on my desktop. The iPhone does have a lot of limitations. I simply cannot be productive using Windows 8. I spend my time on the desktop almost exclusively. The tiles aren’t useful. There are features/programs I used heavily in Windows XP that are not in Windows 8. Not having the Start button was/is difficult to do without. Never realized how important it was until it’s not there. I’ve been giving Windows 8 a chance, but it is too different and right now not very useful. There’s a good chance I’ll go back to Windows XP or maybe I’ll get Windows 7. Many are saying Windows 7 is Microsoft’s best Windows yet.

  • boboty // //

    i want to buy a computer but i am not sure if i should buy windows 7 or 8.
    I will use it for programming and gaming.
    i have saved $600 for a computer.

    • Gary Seven // //

      Perhaps I will be called “old fashioned”, however, the best product in my estimation M$ ever produced was XP Pro. Of the four machines I currently use (2/2 Desktop and Laptop) The all run the same OS.
      I had a Toshiba with Vista, but gave it away.
      I’ve have friends and business partners who can’t stand the way 8 operates. Moreover, where will M$ end this lunacy in creation of the new machines bundled with their OS? My hypothesis about M$ motivation is single fold: New OS = revenue. Period.

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