Beginners Guide To Projection Mapping

Tinkernut Labs

Basic overview of what we will be doing

This video will show you how the basics of projection mapping and how to do it on the cheap!

Parts and Downloads

You’ll need a projector, so here are a few options:

TOTAL COST: ~$60.00 or less

Important Links

Installing and Configuring VPT7

  1. VPT7
  2. Beginners Guide Tutorial

Projection Mapping Examples:
Pomplamoose “Happy Get Lucky”

LG Electronics Building Projection

Audi A1 Car Projection


How To Blur Faces In Videos

This tutorial will show you how you can blur out peoples faces in videos and make them anonymous.

Here are the links used in this video:

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Special Effects Video Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winners of the Special Effects video contest. The winners, as well as links to their entries are listed below:

1st Place:

To enter the special effects video contest, please visit this link: Contest is open to all gigafide youtube subscribers.