• Partner Project 9: Making A Website

    Learn how to get started making a website by finding a hosting provider

  • Partner Project 6: Pimp My Youtube Channel

    Make your Youtube Channel more attractive by adding really cool pre-made themes to it.


  • Make A Free Flash Website From Scratch

    In this episode you will learn how to create a Flash website from scratch using completely free software. Here is what we will be creating:

    Links used in this video:
    Project Files – http://http://www.tinkernut.com/demos/279_flash_site/279_flash_site.zip
    Adobe Rome – http://rome.adobe.com

  • Create Avatars and Rooms for Google’s “Lively”

    For Google’s new Second Life alternative, “Lively”, this video will show you how to create Avatars and Rooms for this online game.

  • Multimedia Tip: Create Animated Images

    This walks you through how to create an animated GIF image file that can be used in websites, as avatar’s, as icons, etc. This example walks you through how to make an animated signature.