• Hide Secret Messages In Audio

    If you’re into making secret messages, this episode will show you how you can embed text and images into audio spectrographs. See if you can decode my sound clips at http://soundcloud.com/tinkernut

    Links used in this video:


    Sonic Visualiser


  • How To Fake Twitter, Facebook and iPhone Conversations

    You know those sites with the funny iPhone and Facebook conversations? (http://funtweets.com , http://failbook.failblog.org , http://damnyouautocorrect.com) Believe it or not, a majority of them are faked. This video will show you how you can fake your own conversations.:


  • Have Your E-mail Read To You

    Using the free text to Mp3 converter, Vozme, you can have any online text read back to you and you can also download it and save it to your computer.

  • uʍop ǝpısdn ʇxǝʇ ɹnoʎ dıןɟ oʇ ʍoɥ

    Using the free website http://www.flipmytext.com, you can type any text upside down and use it to send as text messages or to post in forums and comments.

  • Software Tip: Character Recognition

    This video will show you how to convert scanned documents to text files using the free software found at:http://www.ocrtools.com

  • Send text messages from e-mail

    Send text messages to most phones through your e-mail account. Below is a compiled list of text addresses for major carriers. For European users, click here to find your company

    Verizon Wireless
    10-digit cell phone number @ vtext.com
    10-digit cell phone number @ tmomail.net
    Sprint PCS
    10-digit cell phone number @ messaging.sprintpcs.com
    Cingular Wireless
    1 + 10-digit cell phone number @ cingularme.com
    AT&T PCS
    10-digit cell phone number @ mobile.att.net
    Cellular One
    10-digit cell phone number @ mobile.celloneusa.com
    10-digit cell phone number @ comcastpcs.textmsg.com
    10-digit cell phone number @ msg.telus.com
    10-digit cell phone number @ fido.ca
    Bell Mobility (Canada)
    10-digit cell phone number @ txt.bell.ca
    Bell Atlantic
    10-digit cell phone number @ message.bam.com
    Rogers Wireless
    10-digit cell phone number @ pcs.rogers.com
  • Shutdown your Computer with a Cell Phone

    ***UPDATE*** This project can also be done with Tunderbird. Here’s a link to the article:

    This video will show you how to shutdown your computer from anywhere using a texting capable cell phone, Microsoft Outlook and a free account from www.kwiry.com.