Prevent Being Tracked Online!

With recent events regarding Edward Snowden and the NSA, it’s hard to tell who’s watching us and what is private. This video will show you some free tools to ensure that you aren’t being tracked.

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Ghostery –

“Do Not Track Me” –

Disposable E-mail Addresses –

Fake Phone Numbers –

Mailvelope –

CyberGhost –

Save Your Digital Life!

Don’t wait for disaster to strike your web accounts. Be prepared and back them all up using these simple tools.

Photo Grabber:

Google Takeout:

Backup Pop3 e-mail accounts:

Twitter RSS:


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How To Fake Twitter, Facebook and iPhone Conversations

You know those sites with the funny iPhone and Facebook conversations? ( , , Believe it or not, a majority of them are faked. This video will show you how you can fake your own conversations.: