Hacking Tip: Hide Secret Files In Plain Sight

This video covers the art of steganography, or hiding messages in plain sight. The three methods covered are hiding files on Microsoft documents, hiding files inside pictures, and hiding messages inside Twitter messages.




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  • Brittany // //

    When I try and do it, i just copied and pasted into the files extraction. Then wen i put them back together as a word docx it turns into a winrar file not a document Please help.

    • jacob // //

      you can use winrar it tries to put it back into a zip. He used 7 zip in this video try that out

  • john // //

    I have a samsung intercept by virgin mobile and I would like to know how to unlock my phones operating system by rooting and the site to download the samsung.swupdate for my phone with a capatible rom and restore.. thanks for your help.

  • Gerald // //

    I am currently using Windows XP, after I typed the code in the cmd it says “The system cannot find the file specified.”
    What am I going to do to hide my song in a picture?

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