Tinkernut Live Promo

Join me December first at 3pm Eastern for a Live discussion where I'll take your questions and let you know what Tinkernut has in store.


Cool Websites: Watch Free TV and Movies

Watch free Prime Time television shows and movies at media website Hulu.com. Currently Hulu is only available to the United States. However, if you live outside the US and cannot access the videos, try this:

  1. Download and isntall hotspot shield and create a VPN (http://anchorfree.com/downloads/hotspot-shield/)
  2. If your get bandwidth exceeded error , try downloading SMAC2.0 at http://rapidshare.com/files/78093750/SMAC.Professional.v2… NOTE: SMAC 2.0 only works with XP. Use at your own risk!

VLC Tutorial

This shows you cool things you can do with VLC Player, a multi-platform video player. You can do things like rip and encode DVD’s, play videos as ASCII art, and even stream music and video over the internet.-www.videolan.org/vlc