• Send text messages from e-mail

    Send text messages to most phones through your e-mail account. Below is a compiled list of text addresses for major carriers. For European users, click here to find your company

    Verizon Wireless
    10-digit cell phone number @ vtext.com
    10-digit cell phone number @ tmomail.net
    Sprint PCS
    10-digit cell phone number @ messaging.sprintpcs.com
    Cingular Wireless
    1 + 10-digit cell phone number @ cingularme.com
    AT&T PCS
    10-digit cell phone number @ mobile.att.net
    Cellular One
    10-digit cell phone number @ mobile.celloneusa.com
    10-digit cell phone number @ comcastpcs.textmsg.com
    10-digit cell phone number @ msg.telus.com
    10-digit cell phone number @ fido.ca
    Bell Mobility (Canada)
    10-digit cell phone number @ txt.bell.ca
    Bell Atlantic
    10-digit cell phone number @ message.bam.com
    Rogers Wireless
    10-digit cell phone number @ pcs.rogers.com
  • How To Create Flash MP3 Players

    At Moonk.com you can create customized video, mp3, and photo players that you can embed on your website or myspace account.

  • Backup Your Files In Google Docs

    Synchronize and backup your Microsoft Office Documents using Google Docs and Docsyncer.

  • How To Make Stop Motion Animations

    This video shows the basics of creating stop-motion animations. You will need a digital camera, a computer, and a video editing program. I used Windows Movie Maker.

  • Cool Websites: Make your pictures funkier

    Cartoonize and warp your pictures using the tools at Befunky.com

  • How To Remove DVD protection

    The free version of DVD Fab allows you not only to rip DVD’s to your computer, but it also removes any regional or right protection from the DVD as it’s ripping. Then you can use VLC to play back the DVD’s.

  • Freeware Tip: Burn CDs/DVDs

    Infrarecorder is a program that lets you record music/data/mixed CD’s, DVD’s and dual layer DVD’s.

  • Freeware Tip: Remotely Control A Computer

    Control anyone’s computer remotely using this free program. This is great for performing remote technical support.

  • Gmail Tip: Unlimited E-mail Addresses

    This tip shows you how you can create unlimited e-mail addresses with your Gmail address for the purposes of organizing your incoming e-mail.

  • Make a DVR from an old computer

    Turn an old computer into a DVR that you can use to watch TV and record shows from over the internet using a TV card and free software.