• Clone Your Computer To VirtualBox


    Why keep old hard drives and computers? This video will show you how to clone your physical hard drives to virtual drives and boot to them using Virtualbox
    USB adapter – http://goo.gl/m8Ska
    Disk2VHD –  http://goo.gl/omFyY
  • How To Make A Clone (Print in 3D)

    This episode covers how to make a clone of yourself (or anything) out of paper using some free tools that allow you to print in 3D.

    Download Wheezy Waiter Head files:


    Pepakura Designer:

    Anim8or Tutorial:

    This tutorial will show you how you can create your own Guitar Hero Clone using free software and a controller that you can make using parts that total around $22. These are the links used in this video:


  • Safety Tip: Clone a Hard Drive

    This video shows you the tools you need to clone a hard drive using DriveImage XML.