Vista Tip #3 – Disable the Vista UAC

This video will show you how to disable Windows Vista’s User Account Control, or UAC. The UAC is that box that constantly pops up saying “Windows Needs Your Permission To Run, Do You want to Continue?”. Be advised that Microsoft does not advise this, because it may allow some programs to run without your permission. If you are OK with this, then feel free to follow these steps to get rid of the annoyance.

Vista Tip: Remove Warning Balloons

This vista tip will show you how you can disable those annoying pop-up notification balloons that appear at the bottom right of your screen. As a bonus, we will also disable the start menu notifications as well.

How To Speed Up XP

This video covers seven different ways to speed up Windows XP:  Running “Disk Cleanup”, Removing cached web pages, defragmenting the hard drive, disabling indexing, disabling visual styles, editing Windows startup items, and defragmenting the registry.

Free Stuff: WinDirStat

This weeks freeware pick is called WinDirStat. It allows you to view everything that is taking up space on your hard drive and how much space it is taking. It presents it in a visual format that is easy to read.