• Partner Project 6: Pimp My Youtube Channel

    Make your Youtube Channel more attractive by adding really cool pre-made themes to it.


  • Partner Project 2: What’s your idea?

    In part two of this series, find out how to research your idea to find out how to make it better. Also learn some tools that will help you find your niche and organize your data. For discussions and help with your project, please visit:


  • Partner Project 1: Getting Started

    Follow me as I start from scratch making a new YouTube series and see what it takes to be a successful YouTube partner.


  • Let Me Promote You!

    I’m attempting to give you guys a chance to show me your best videos and I’ll promote them on my website. Check out www.tinkernut.com to find out all about it.

  • 2011 Video Update

    New video tutorials will return February 6th! Stay Tuned!

  • Happy New Year!

    There will be a delay in Tinkernut videos for a few weeks. A new website and video introduction is in development. To keep up with whats going on, visit my video blog at www.youtube.com/tinkernutremix.

  • 50,000 Subscriber giveaway!

    Thanks to all my 50,000+ subscribers! To show my appreciation, I am going to be giving away a new multi-touch iPod Nano to the person that can come up with the best Tinkernut Remix video.

    Contest Page: