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Save Your Digital Life!

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Don’t wait for disaster to strike your web accounts. Be prepared and back them all up using these simple tools.

Photo Grabber:

Google Takeout:

Backup Pop3 e-mail accounts:

Twitter RSS:



View/Add more suggestions:

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Gmail Add-Ons

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This video goes through how to enable “Labs” in Gmail so that you can enjoy extra features.

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Hacking Tip: Forge E-mail Addresses

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The purpose of this video is to show an e-mail security flaw using telnet that allows hackers to send e-mails using anyone’s e-mail address. Thankfully, many major e-mail providers have software that blocks this. My intention is to make people aware of this flaw so that other e-mail providers can protect themselves as well. An example program for protection can be found at http://www.zsty.com/email.

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Gmail Tip: Labels and Filters

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Organize your E-mail inbox by labeling e-mail by filtering out e-mail with common subjects, e-mail address or content and them categorize them with color-coded labels.

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