Free WebApp Alternatives to Expensive Software

This video shows some free web based alternatives to common, expensive, software such as Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Camtasia, Illustrator, Acrobat, etc. These web based applications do not require you to pay anything or download anything. You can upload, edit, and save documents from directly within your browser.


Microsoft Office – Google Docs

Microsoft PowerPoint – Preezo

Adobe Photoshop – Splashup

Adobe Illustrator – Aviary

Adobe Flash – Ajax Animator

Instant Messenger Clients – Meebo

Camtasia – ScreenToaster

Windows Movie Maker – Jaycut

Quicken – Mint

Fax Software – FaxZero

Adobe Acrobat – PDF Escape


Special thanks to the suggestions by MikeTheDJ4 found here and here.

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  • Meg Pop // //

    This is a message to the author. I don’t know if this would help but I could share this material to my blog readers. I’m out of University in a couple weeks and have plenty of time this summer. Please let me know if its okay to link to this. Thanks.

  • ilikepie641 // //

    free program alternatives:
    photoshop: gimp
    notepad: notepad++
    microsoft office: libre office
    screen recorder: camstudio
    video editor: kdenlive

  • Daniel // //

    Jaycut is not working anymore:(

    I used movie maker for the first time today and it took hours 7 hours just to do 15 minutes out of my recording of my aunt’s visit one evening/2hours of video.

    Do you have anything better/faster than movie maker?

    Thank you for all you share..I did subscribe.

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