Ultrasonic Madness

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Sound waves can be used for more than just making sound. Find out all the amazing things sound is capable of and make some cool projects that harness it’s power!

Click on the tabs to continue learning about ultrasound!

Here are some of the other cool projects you we’ll be creating:

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Parts List

The prices really depend on what you would like to purchase. These are cheapest locations to purchase these items that I was able to find.

Part name Price
Ultrasonic Module $2.40
Arduino Uno $8.75

Software Downloads

  1. Arduino Software
  2. New Ping Library Download

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Awesome Ultrasound Projects and Experiments

  1. MIT Sound Waves and Potato Chip Bags experiment
  2. uBeam Ultrasonic Charger
  3. Boris Smus – Ultrasonic Javascript Library (Emoticon Demo)
  4. Kate Murphey – “Quietnet” Ultrasonic Chat Client

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