DIY Projects: Set Up An FTP Server

This video will show you how to set up an FTP server from behind a router using CrossFTP server ( If you need to find your main IP address, visit

Step 1

Go to and
click on the green “Start Server Now” button. If it prompts you either
to Open or Save it, choose Open.

Step 2

Once the server software launches, it will create a shortcut on your
desktop and automatically start the interface. The server automatically
starts itself. From the menu to the left, select “User” to create a new
user. You can set a password if you want and you can also select what
directory you want to share. You also have the option of allowing each
user to change files or not. Once you have the user account set up,
click “Save” at the bottom. Now all you have to do is go to a web
browser and type ftp://[your local ip address]:21 where “your local ip
address” is the IP address of you computer.

Step 3

Now that you’ve successfully created an FTP server and server
account, we will need to make it so that you can access it from behind a
router. From your web browser, type in your routers IP address
(generally and login if it prompts you to. Somewhere you
should see an option that says “Port forwarding”. This option will allow
you to create a port on your router that will forward to a port on your
local computer. You want to create a name for the port, and set it to
port 21 (because this is the default port of the server), and then enter
your computers IP address and save your settings.

Step 4

Once you have the port forwarding set up, go to your browsers address
bar and type in ftp://[your main ip
address]:21. Where “Your main IP address” is your internet’s main IP
address. If you don’t know it, go to
and it will
tell you.

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    DIY Projects: Set Up An FTP Server | […]

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    DIY Projects: Set Up An FTP Server | […]

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    hello again I have written to you regarding the ftp server. it has come to stand up but I can not come from my laptop PC. what’s wrong?

    I may have a video out so you can see what I’m doing wrong

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