How To Play Console Games On Your PC

This video shows you methods for emulating some of the major console games on your PC, such as Atari, NES, PS2, Xbox, N64 and Wii. For questions, comments and all of the links used in this video, please visit the forum link below.

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  • tom // //

    I can’t see the video tutorial,can you post a link or something?please?I appreciate it

  • huh // //

    wer iz ze vid

  • jonathan // //

    what happend to the video

  • Ahmed // //

    good job

  • akshay // //

    yo bro wher i s the video man
    fuck u man suck my dick

    • julzikat // //

      is that really necessary?

      • julzikat // //

        just go onto youtube
        that’s where i watched it

  • Avin K Joy // //


  • julzikat // //

    errm…tried to get onto and it took me to emulator64 and it didnt have the wii file?

    • Thebuilderdd // //

      Google it. They changed domains.

  • Weta // //

    can you play XBOX 360 kinect?

    • xxx // //

      they dont have an xbox 360 emulator on your website where can i get one

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