How To Make Your Own TV Station

Take advantage of the switch to digital, by using the old analog stations to broadcast your very own television show.
For a more in-depth look at how to create a TV station, visit this link:

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  • Lottie Launey // //


  • 4094357 // //

    What a lovely day for a 4094357! SCK was here

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    4752518 beers on the wall.

  • daniel // //

    pak,saya mau tanya bagaimana cara membuat televisi (media elektronik). syaratnya apa aja n brp modal yang harus disediakan untuk membuat stasiun televisi (mulai dari alat2nya,legalitas dan perizinannya). mohon balasannya. terima kasih

  • mango // //

    I had no idea creating your own station was even possible. Im going to give it a try.

  • iromara // //

    I want to start up my own tv network,what is involved ??

  • julio cesar // //


    i have a web page , i would like to transmit my webpage on a tv in channel 120 ?

    i have 5 tvs, this tvs got cable to watch tv. the conection is coaxial.

    what do i need to do this?

    could someone help me .

    I am from peru, southamerica

  • Miguel // //

    i woud love to be your neighbour to watch tinkernut videos without internet 😀

  • Ron Austin // //

    Interesting concept but I think that the FCC would have something harsh to say about doing this.

  • zilloland // //

    its legal right

    • thecomputerposter // //


      • Hepglon Ferdinand // //

        Why isn’t this legal?

      • Anonymous // //

        Not only is this legal, but the FCC promotes it as a fun weekend activity for families (kids can make little videos of themselves and broadcast it, with a little $30 UHF transmitter, throughout the block on an analog channel.)

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