Cool YouTube Tips & Tricks

This video covers some tips and tricks involving YouTube that help enhance user experience. For a list of all of the links used in this video, and to ask questions regarding this video, please visit the link below:

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    Thanks for the tips, I also want to share.

    There’s a very good website for auto replay and download Youtube video:
    This tool let you:
    – Search Youtube video.
    – Auto replay Youtube video, whole or a portion of it.
    – Download Youtube video.

    So you can search, auto replay your favourite video forever and download it if you like.

    I think the tool worths being considered into your tips, too.

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    thx dude keep it up

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    Namastey Sir/Mam

    I like ur site very much.
    I have a problem…. can U help me…
    my problem is in
    —This video contains content from Starindia, who has blocked it on copyright grounds—“.

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    Is it just me or can anyone else see the HTML code for the video?

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