Beginners Guide to Google Plus

Find out how to use Google Plus, Google’s new social networking service. This will guide you through ins and outs of how to get started.

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  • Nándor // //

    Updating wordpress, huh. 😀 I had mine installed yesterday. Keep up THE good work!

  • Vijayachander // //

    I am interested learn this technology. Not only this technology

  • Alfonso // //

    i would love to get google plus.

  • mike // //

    Sounds good, look forward to the opening.
    Hopefully it will be more secure than Facebook.

  • Vinod // //

    I have a suggestion for google plus, Can you add something like this for smart phone users.
    If I as an user gets to a location say- Kolkata which is a city in India,and if I have contact in google plus saved with Kolkata location,it should show me the contacts with phine number as soon as I get into kolkata region. It will enable me to get to my friends in kolkata within no time.
    Like wise if I have saved important hang outs,call details of Taxis,Emergency numbers for Kolkata,it should be shown in my hand set when connected.

    Am Vinod.V.S an IT project manager. Contact me for more suggestions as I love google….

  • Jayson // //

    For those who want an invite, and can wait, well, I have some GOOD news for you! On July 31, Google+ is public!

  • Sam // //

    Jayson, this is not a place to post lies.

  • finallove // //

    add me on google +

  • Nut // //

    Y can’t I watch ur video?

  • Paul Service // //

    Beautifully produced… What package did you do this in?

  • Dr Efficiency // //

    Has anyone had any success with google plus these days?
    It seems to have really died off lately…or at least in my “circles” anyhow. (see what I did there? lol)

  • joseph unitt // //

    This is cool

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