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Dear readers,

I appreciate all of the feedback as you bear with all the changes the site is undergoing. As you all may have noticed, I’ve been trying to find a good video host for my videos. Recently I have switched to Blip.TV, but in doing so, many of you have let me know that you hear no sound from the video clips. It seems that the version of flash used for the streaming videos is not compatible with several people’s flash players. For that reason, I’m trying a different embedding method. I’ve re-embeded the most recent posts. Please let me know if anyone has any issues hearing the sound.



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  • jonas // //

    Hi Tinkernut,

    There is where they are good for hosting the videos. I recently become client to setup my video website but I do not wanted to use already scripts where has got limited to change the things that I need.
    While I was searching how to stuff, I came cross with your instruction on Youtube.
    I need help to finished my project. Would you help? You probably very busy but would you
    please just give me your 1/2 or one hour and how much would cost?
    All I need to do is create my own plug in instead of using Youtube or others.
    Members must connect my website and upload/download videos where each one about 3min max. It is education purpose. I am not good about this kind codding and I did my search, insert some codes, see some frames on page, but locked with rest.
    (Some error comes as need index.php, directory vs.vs.)
    I am already recently build up(Ready script used) a website as it is classified page for free for community (need some improvement also)
    My other project is about education for kids where I need help.
    I really appreciated if you can help me for my purposes.
    I could give you more information and where is the page plug in should change after your consideration. Thank you very very much.


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