Install Smartphone Apps In Windows

Play, use and backup your apps to your PC using the Bluestacks android emulator. This video shows you how to set up and use it as well as some simple hacks to get the most out of Bluestacks.

Links used in this video:
Bluestacks –
Android Market apk –
Increase storage size –

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  • Mohamed // //

    Wow! This is exactly what I need! You are so amazing!


  • joseph unitt // //

    Sweet tinkernut just sweet

  • Chirag Sukhala // //

    I am just love ur videos and from my time i am just trying to emulate this apps on pc
    i use android x86 & android sdk to do this but not get successes
    and search google for ios emulator but not get any successes can u find any way to do that

  • Shivam // //

    I Like your vedio “How to make an operating an system”

    • Shivam // //

      You are real Scientest of Computer

  • Servo // //

    Exactly what i need when my phone is broken!


  • dick // //

    fuck your mother you hacker if you don’t show us other computer pranks

    • Kyle Coop // //

      You are an asshole, you know that?

  • Jason // //


  • Ron Austin // //

    Whoa, that is way deep…

  • Nitish // //

    does anyone know where the game data is stored in pc when we download hd game via bluestacks?

  • Roberto // //

    I think an additional element to add to this tutorial is suggesting adding a touchscreen capactive adapter to the monitor for additional touch functionality. Just my thoughts… I guess I have another project to add to the list.

  • NĂ¡ndor Ras // //

    I noticed that the link to the android market apk didn’t link to the actual thread in the xda-developers forum anymore. I did found the thread, though. This is the link to it:

  • App Dveloper Medan // //

    Thanks for the info on how to increase storage size… Been using Bluestack for the latest two months and it’s really help to simulate the app to our client on PC/Laptop… Hope this kind of software will also available for iphone simulator on PC…

  • d!rty 3t // //

    It is stuck at “downloading runtime files” for 38 annoying hours now.

  • gavin // //

    video not there

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