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 I’m sure you guys are wondering what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks. I’ve been hard at work on a new responsive website. It “responds” to fit whatever screen it’s being viewed on, whether it be a standard computer screen or a smartphone.

The theme is a highly customized version of the XI theme from ThemeLoom, and here’s some of the features you can expect. I chose it because of it’s responsiveness and it’s buddypress support. So yes, you should be able to access your member accounts from your mobile phone.

Navigating through my videos on the new “Projects” page is super simple. By default you view all of them in chronological order. Then clicking on a category at the top of the page automatically sorts the videos by that category. It’s pretty slick, to be honest. One thing I need to finish, however, is to add “Featured Images” to all of my posts.

There’s a new section of the site dedicated to “Tinkernerdz“. Clicking on the menu link will change the site background and header to reflect this new portion of the site. The main focus of the Tinkernerdz section is going to revolve around video creation and submission from Tinkernut fans and members. This is where the old point system now comes into play. You earn 10 points by voting on other videos (or posting in the forum). Then once you earn 50 points, you can submit a video, at which point 50 points will be deducted from your account. Before you can submit another video, you have to earn another 50 more points. This is to prevent spam and to ensure that people don’t just submit without voting. Each week, the top 2 or 3 videos will be featured on the Tinkernut Youtube channel.

The last cool new feature on the site is the “Store”. It’s actually more intended for those of you that want to donate to my site, but also want to get something in return. It has yet to be completed, but eventually it will feature shirts, usb drives, toolkits, and other nerdy stuff. So keep your eyes peeled for that to be completed.

I’m really eager to hear your constructive feedback, so feel free to leave any comments or problems at this forum link.

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  • kwaliyo // //

    nyc job dude….hoping to be like u sumday

  • mominimran // //

    for some wierd reson your site is messed up 🙁 when i load a page, it says, page not found 🙁

  • human // //

    (-: this site is awesome

  • gmenaldo // //
    Wow this website is awesome! Check out this song:
  • gmenaldo // //

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