New Macbook


No tutorial today. In short, my PC died and I got a sweet Macbook Pro to replace it. Here’s the specs: 2.7ghz i7 proc, 16gb ram, 1gig nvidia graphics. Its got a 256 flash hard drive, but I’m getting thunderbolt storage, so transfer speed shouldn’t be a problem. Once I get this set up, the tutorials will resume.

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  • Cory RS // //

    No 🙁

  • asop // //

    Sorry to hear about your loss, The internal organs of your pc should be harvested as soon as possable. It will live on in another pc,

  • Lee // //

    So does that mean you’re switching to a Mac now? Or are you just going to dual-boot Windows and use that full time?

  • Buzzbyte // //

    Oh no! Did you lose all of your data?

  • Asd20752 // //

    Are you going to make your videos in mac style now. Or do you still make your video in window style??

  • H3Thunderbird // //

    Not surprised by this fact,You always install different software for the sake of tutorials . Anyway, best of luck to all of your electronics.
    I would recommend you to get Windows 8 after it’s stable.

    • carter // //

      but its hard to use

  • sumanrajan // //

    16 gb ram man awesome…..

  • JWP // //

    Linux Mint

  • raneem // //

    thanx for every thing ..

  • carter // //

    good for you MAC IS BEST

  • ilyes // //

    just giga’s mac comp broken he got a mac but he still have linux and windows

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