New Features for 2012!

Here’s what’s new with Tinkernut for 2012:
Tinkernerdz Points –
New tutorials will resume next Friday!

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  • Brian // //

    The forum link doesnt work, there is supposed to be no s at the end

  • nenakecREX // //

    tinkernut mobile app is awsome

  • willie // //

    yes the forum link does not work

  • Joakim // //

    Here is the real forum link:
    It should not be a “s” at the end.

  • Daniel // //

    I didnt so any s at the end of the link

  • Talha Khalil // //

    take the s away and the forum works!

  • Ashish kumar // //

    hey i have been looking for wifi hacking bt could not find that please help me

  • ushackers // //

    Well forum link is not working. i think they are going through a big mess

  • Aashman // //

    Wow. I’m excited!

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