Make A Fake Virus

This tutorial will show you how to make a non-destructive prank that will make someone think they have a virus on their computer every time they click on it. Please do not use this for destructive purposes.

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  • massachusetts dui lawyer // //

    Make A Fake Virus | […]

  • khaldoon mutahar // //

    man the video doesn’t work but it works on can u fix it


  • Anthony // //

    This is simple and yet so funny! You should show how to make a VBS script that keeps on having a box appear no matter what they input. Its funny to have the first box say “Deleting system files” and the second one to say “delete failed” and have these repeat 100+ times!

    • Zhiyuan Qi // //


      x=msgbox(“Your Message Here”)

      save as filename.vbs
      Run it
      Try to close it
      tip: use taskmanager to close it, keep clicking ok then will close

  • Kevin // //


    i m going 2 do that 2 1 of the library’s comps.


  • lazungking // //

    hi… who can’t give guideline to study to use cmd…

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