How To Download and Install Windows 8

Preview the next version of Windows by downloading it or free and installing it on Virtualbox. This will let you install it and use it without screwing up the rest of your computer.

Windows 8 –
Virtualbox –
MetroController –
Windows 8 Start Menu Toggle –

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  • jack // //

    can u tell me how to download torrent with hash

  • Jordan // //

    nice tutorial…

    but im not sure if i will do this my drivers are safe.. such as ethernet controller, audio, chipset

  • Dilan G. // //

    I played around with it and to me it seems more touchscreen friendly than previous builds of Windows. I’m wondering if Microsoft is planning to have Windows 8 be a major hit for people with touchscreen computers.

  • Nicolai // //

    Can you just install it as your own OS?

  • Andre // //

    will it works on bootcamp in mac?

    • Bitty // //

      This software is for window 8.Do you want a Mac software like this or you want some good Mac software.I use the Mac for not long,the Mac screen capture which my friend suggested to me I use it works

    • John // //

      i am using it. It did works.

  • henryjhone // //

    can u tell me how to downlaod a screen capture software for mac?

  • jack // //

    can u plz make a tutorial on how to install mac os x lion on a pc without using virtual machine or vmware (i.e. bootable installition

  • Javontae // //

    I’ll Try it

  • Javontae // //

    Also can you show people how to do a callofduty black ops download

  • mexxx // //

    VT-x/AMD-V hardware acceleration is not available on your system. Certain guests (e.g. OS/2 and QNX) require this feature and will fail to boot without it.

    help !

  • Crash // //

    This guy never replies to anyone asking for help.

  • jawad // //

    thank u 4 the tuto but can u give me a download link for the french edition of windows 8 🙁

  • Kierhacker // //

    anyone know how 2 downgrade windows ultimate to home premium?
    Coz I open windows upgrade or whatever then found serial code and since I upgraded windows media player and media center will not open and also when I make a bridged network 2 xbox 360 it won’t connect to Internet like it used to
    thx in advance
    and the creator of tinkernut is a legend!!!!!!!

  • kristopher // //

    wow, looks great but i think winodws is realy pushing it with theese new methods of nevigation. for some reason i like windows 7 alot more :/

  • lisa // //

    what program do you use to make your intros and like how you edit your videos it would be really helpfull

  • Cober // //

    I formatted my 130Gb HDD and first did fresh Win7 Ultimate install and then started Win8 installation. It went fine until PC needed to reboot. Now I am stuck on blank screen, no options for Safe Mode, etc.. All I can sellect in boot mode is F2 and F11 (boot option) but after that all is blank.
    P4 2.8GHz,2 Gb DDR 512Mb Radeon AGP video,SATA 120 Gb HDD
    Any suggestions? TIA

  • donbill // //

    i tried installing it using the steps in the tutorials but the virtual machine keeps tell me to restart the pc.
    what can i do to stop that and complete the installation

  • Gizmo // //

    hey I’m trying to run it in VM ware, and it gives the error HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED, anyone know what is the cause of this. im have a hp dv6 6128ca A6 laptop, with 8 gigs of ram clock at 1333 Mhz, and my, as they like to call it APU is clocked at 2.3

  • Zawad // //

    Hey, TinkerNut. I really like your tutorial. But, for everything went well untill it says, KERNEL DATA INPAGE ERROR! Please tell me how to fix it! Thanks!!!!

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