How To Add Subtitles To Videos


This is a one stop shop for adding subtitles to your videos. This video covers transcription, translation, adding and embedding of subtitles.


These are the links referenced in the video:

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    Sir i simply want to say you that the video is not compatible with slow network i can not be able to watch it and learn from it your previous version web page was soo good for me and my kind of people kindly make any kind of alternative that it will be comfortable for me to watch video and learn from them and one more thing that there is not any kind of alternative to download the video from your server ……please help me ,………..I AM YOUR FAN SIR

  • Antonio Joyette // //

    I tried following your Youtube vid on embedding subtitles to video. I know my way around a PC but I’m not getting this. I even tried pausing and replaying to follow along. PROBLEM: I’m using windows 7 64 bit and it’s not letting me extract files to program files. I can’t even create a virtualdub subfolder in my program files to extract the files to. I went into my program files manually and created a virtualdub folder then later went back and tried extracting the virtualdub files there but it rejected it. The only other option is to extract the files to my desktop or to a dowload folder in my documents. However, there’s no .exe or any plugin folder to extract the filters to.

  • Jad // //

    How do you fit the subtitles at the right time. Not all downloaded movies are the same length. How to u fit it at the exact time? PLEASE HELP

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