Create A Free Website From Scratch

This video will go through the steps of creating a webpage from scratch using the basic HTML language and some free web resources.

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suggested using instead of, as it will not change your favicon.

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  • trent // //

    So how do you make it only .com instead of .tk , I know there’s no difference but i thought It would just look better if it had .com

    • Domo // //

      you have to pay for it

    • mario // //

      if you want it to say .com u need to pay like 50 dollers a month!!!

      • kenny // //

        you only have to pay 5-10 dollars now for .com and unlimited hosting

    • human // //

      with .com you have to pay daily/weekly/monthly/yearly but with .tk its short and free so i hope you have solved your problem

  • Gica-Clan // //

    G.I.C.A pRo Gamin CLAN sine 2011

  • donald // //

    the video is stopping i need to create this website and to be honest this video is the most helpful out there please help me

  • Matt // //

    how much is it to change it from .tk to

    • human // //

      depends what web hoster you have but i recommend host gator because its more simpler i hope you have solved your problems

  • Austin // //

    Is there any way that I can put music in the background?

  • Austin // //

    And how can I make a comment section like this?

  • Austin // //

    Never mind, I have the Comment part, but I still need the background music, I’m trying to figure it out

  • mhmod // //

    Welcome All TO Server 317 Model 614 On Sserver Dclaws Vls Ags Torva And more item all 100%

  • Jake // //

    Just use something like microsoft publisher 2010 or 2007 and make your website/ add music from there.

  • Jake // //

    Or I know if you goto and steal the mp3 player (don’t worry hes my brother) and make music from there.

  • khanali // //

    you have to pay for it

  • Brendan Cahill // //

    i want to make a websitewhere users can log in and edit their profile, but its not really a social networking set, i’m not going to say the idea oviously, but i want to know how i can add members log in page and how members can sign up?

    • JeriMooney // //

      You can go to youtube and highlight everything,then click view selection source after a rightclick,then paste it all into whatever you use

  • andro // //

    gooooooooood guy

  • HLGN // //

    To place music on your site you would write a tag:

    You can upload your music file here then copy the properties of the file uploaded and paste that into the src=”″

    I hope that helps!

  • AB4Y ADMIN // //

    I am making a website right now and I cant make a background image. it tells me its working but I cant see it! D:

  • AB4Y ADMIN // //

    Nevermind! I got the background. but I have another problem. Its not FULL screen. it has 100 copies of the same picture. I need ONE image to cover the ENTIRE websites screen.

    • a name // //

      u just gotta get a bigger file. go for like 1000 by 1000 (bigger would be sufficient) If it’s like 100 by 100, obviously it would repeat over and over again because it aint as big as the screen.

  • andro // //


  • hiho // //


  • Adam // //

    How do you add videos of your own not from youtube

  • Adam // //

    Can you make a more advanced video of like text box or navigation bar please

  • TJ // //

    How can you make a second page.
    And a member thing.

  • RoBerT // //

    Dear Tinkernut please show me how to make a Forum Website?(I need a Forum for my Counter Strike Game Sever ) PLEASE HELP MY .
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  • kawO // //

    Dear Admin ,please teach us on how to make website without expiration ..Thanks!

  • jarrod // //

    can some one put this on the comments as a copy and paste thing because this takes to long or can you download it from somewhere

  • Dr Efficiency // //

    This is great for free, but if you’re looking for a professional website using professional templates, you can build one really easily and save time/stress for the sake of $50. I have created a 5 part video series on this which has helped many people. It’s on youtube:
    You can thank me later!

  • emily // //

    urm why wont mine work

  • Alice // //

    This website does nothing

  • Arc // //

    Hey, does anyone know how to put a file on a website?
    Not a file to be downloaded, but a file you can just access?
    Thanks for your help

  • Candi // //

    How do you add a video to your website that you didn’t upload to youtube and have on your computer?

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