How To Install WordPress On A Raspberry Pi

Ever wanted a blog? No? Yes you do, ’cause I say you do. You want a blog, and you want it small. You want it on a Raspberry Pi. Are we clear? Good. Well, I’m glad you agree because that jus...

Cheap Alexa Printer From An Old Receipt Printer

 I hate wasting perfectly good technology, even if it’s old and outdated. So being the diligent tinker nut that I am, when I found this old receipt printer, I had to find some useful way to re-pu...

Mini Lunchbox Arcade

What did you bring for lunch? MARIO! Wait, does that mean your a cannibal? NOPE! I HAVE AN ARCADE IN MY LUNCHBOX! Sooo…your eating video games for lunch? YOU KNOW IT! THEY’RE GLUTEN FREE AN...

Hipster Spotify Radio Using A Raspberry Pi

Spotify is such an awesome music service. Raspberry Pi Zero is such an awesome ultra-mini computing device. Obviously, combining the two is something I must do!!! The idea here is to make something tha...

Make A Snapchat lens for your webcam?

Ever use a Snapchat lens and just wonder “How’d they do that?”. Well, even if not, I’m going to take a look at some of the face tracking and computer vision technologies that ma...

DIY Retro Style Digital Camera

Cameras have been around for centuries. But since the birth of digital, many of the old film cameras have just been tossed aside. Let’s give these amazing pieces of technology a second chance by ...

Turn An Old RC Car Into A Ping Pong Ball Blaster!

Ok, let’s be honest. Is there any real need for a ping pong ball machine gun? No. But then again, is there any real need for a water gun? No. Both are definitely great for pranking friends or to ...

Simple Voice Controlled Home Automation

Ever wanted to make your home automatically do what you ask it? In this guide, I make a cheap home automation system that you can control with your phone and/or your voice! This is just an extremely ba...

How To Make An Android App In 7 Minutes!

When it comes to being a good tinkerer, a great tool to have in your arsenal is the ability to quickly mach up a mobile app. But programming an app from scratch is very time consuming. So I’m goi...

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