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1217 votes

Hacking Radio Waves

Teach us how to hack things that communicate over radio signals, for example: Garage Door openers, or bluetooth. Thanks!


809 votes

make your own antivirus

create your own antivirus so you don`t have to pay


434 votes

Kali linux tutorial

How to hack gmail account
How to make a web address


431 votes

Raspberry Pi Face Tracking

Using Raspicam and OpenCV to track faces


214 votes

Digital Morse Code Translator

Explore the history and technology behind Morse Code and make a modern day Morse Code translator.morsecode

207 votes

Create Your Own Software

hi dude, you teach me about how to create a website and other type videos etc….. but you did’t mention about creating own software and app any of your video series in tinkernut. i hope next videos will on this

192 votes

bitcoin mining pool

I was hoping you would make a video on how to make a bitcoin mining pool. i know there are already videos on this but I think that you are much better at explaining things

168 votes

Raspberry pi motion detecting cctv camera

Using a raspberry pi, and its camera module, create a cctv camera that when it detects motion emails you, and starts streaming the live video to a website where you can view it

141 votes

Raspberry Pi WiFi Repeater

There are tons of instructional pages for how to make a Raspberry Pi Router/Bridge/Repeater. Unfortunately, most of them are clunky, inefficient, or just plain don’t work. And I have yet to see one that doesn’t require an ethernet connection. Can you make a How-To on a Raspberry Pi Range Extender, using 2 wifi USB (1 in, 1 out)? I know anything coming from Tinkernut is going to work perfectly, every time. Thanks in advance!

132 votes

Darknet Node for secure personal mesh (or not darknet too!)

Create a secure mesh network with special attention to a DNS and DHCP kind of support for IPV6. This would allow for a ‘private internal network’. With optional gateway to either the internet or the darknet (optional, but still intelectually interesting.

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