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Hey Tinkernut,

Have you port forwarded your motionOS page, so you can access it remotely?

My Android cams show-up internally, but not from outside my network/firewall (running openWRT on my router).

How does yours behave?

I’m having other issues with motionOS (stand-alone install, not OS image), but that’s another topic!

I can only see one (local) motion cam out of 6 (3 on the Pi3 running motionOS and 3 on an Orange Pi PC+).

Motion does not show any of the Orange Pi PC+ cams until I pkill motion on the local Pi3 running motionOS, weird?

One of the “dependencies” was not installed before I had motion running (way before I installed motionOS) and I’m using “daemon OFF” for motion.conf, because “ON” doesn’t work for me (I’m using systemctl to manage motion, but have “daemon ON” for motionOS (as per your guide)).

I’m using the latest motion Debian repo and the October 2018 RPi desktop OS.

P.S. Apparently the latest motion doesn’t work with motioneye?


electron1979 (Pete)


I made am Apache2 webpage including the motion pages and port forwarded it; no cigar!

Works internally, but not externally.

Each individual motion page works externally, so I’m stumped ;(

I did watch your port forwarding video!

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