Best Paid Internships

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Internships can be the first step to a successful career. The internship is the best medium to gain experience in a specific field of interest and take your career in the right direction while developing a professional network. There are two types of internships, paid and unpaid. The main reason a lot of students agreed on unpaid internships in the biggest companies is that they gain experience of working with the best in the industry. Also, there are many paid internships available which most students prefer to do. According to the CV Writing Services, the following are the best paid internships.


Highest Monthly Salary: $11,833 to $15,416/Month


Highest Monthly Salary: $13,194/Month

Summer Associate

Highest Monthly Salary: $11,000 to $15,000/Month


Highest Monthly Salary: $10,425/Month

Quantitative Analyst

Highest Monthly Salary: $9,765/Month

Software Engineer

Highest Monthly Salary: $9,000 to $10,000 / Month

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