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Make Windows 7 Look Like Windows 8

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This video will show you how you can get the best parts of Windows 8 on your current Windows 7 PC.

Winsplit – http://www.winsplit-revolution.com/
Interactive Wallpaper – http://okozo.com/interactive/
Mosaic – http://mosaicproject.codeplex.com/
Theme pack – http://www.windowsvalley.com/downloads/personalize/themepacks/Windows-vNext.themepack

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Windows 7 Upgrade Hacks

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This video covers two hacks to get around Windows 7 upgrade limitations. One is a hack that lets you upgrade from the Windows 7 Release Candidate (Beta version) and the other hack allows you to upgrade to a downgraded Windows Edition (ex. Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Professional).

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How To Download Torrents

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***UPDATE*** Microsoft has just realeased Windows 7 beta publicly. You can download it here:


I’m trying out a new video format. Let me know if you like it. If you do, I’ll keep it, if you don’t I’ll switch back in later videos. This video covers the steps on how to download Windows 7 beta for testing purposes ONLY.


Download and install muTorrent


Search torrent websites for “Windows 7 Beta”
ISO Hunt
Bite Nova
The Pirate Bay


If you don’t want to download torrents, you can download using rapidshare. Just do a Google search for “Windows 7 Beta rapidshare”, and scan through the results until you find a website with Windows 7 rapidshare links. then download the links.

Step 3:

Once the ISO has download, you can download Deepburner to burn the ISO to a dvd.

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