Wireless Power Supply Coil Module Wireless Charger Module


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Wireless power supply technology(wireless charging) allows the receiver only across the air, paper or plastic housing can achieve the transmission of electrical energy, indeed greatly facilitate the application.


Input voltage: DC 5V – 12V

Input current: 100mA – 500mA

Output voltage: DC 5V

Output current: 500mA – 600mA

Output power: 2.5W – 4W

Center resonant frequency: 125KHz


Emission coil and receive coil distance for 1mm ~ 20 mm, if small current work can be appropriately increase receiving coil turns to increase transmission distance

Test data, for reference:

Emission coil: copper wire diameter φ0.6 mm, coil diameter 40 mm, around 20 turns

Receiving coil is same

Emission coil grafted in 12V power supply: standby working current 300mA, load is 4.2V 800mAH polymer lithium battery

Distance    Output voltage    Charging for 4.2V lipo battery current

1mm              5V                       600mA

2mm              5V                       450mA

3mm              5V                       360mA

4mm              5V                       310mA

5mm              5V                       240mA

6mm              5V                       210mA

7mm              5V                       162mA

8mm              5V                       150mA

9mm              5V                       132mA

10mm            5V                       120mA

11mm            5V                       110mA

12mm            5V                       70mA

13mm            5V                       54mA

14mm            5V                       41mA

15mm            5V                       28mA

16mm            5V                       19mA

17mm            5V                       17mA

18mm            5V                       10mA

If receiving distance increase it’s need to add the coil turns.

In practical application, it can change the turns of coil to adjust the power.


Mobile phones, MP3 and so on wireless charging

Modern people have more and more without mobile phone and so on electronic small product, but frequent charging is trouble and often drawn connection-peg and  easy to damage, use our wireless charging modules, as long as the phone on charging a flat plate can automatic charging, still can take at any time or answer the call, is really convenient.

In the aquarium lighting and water circulation system of the power supply

A fully transparent fish bowl forth beautiful colorful light will make the  viewer is very curious, its electricity is how to? The secret is to our wireless  power supply module, this kind of application is also very market prospects.

Concealed products provide power supply

Some special occasions will need a functional hidden installation into other  products in the shell, usually by batteries, which has? How to charging problem,  if eduction charging joint will be easy to notice, use our wireless charging  module is the best solution.

Hydrophilic products supply

Such as electric toothbrush, electric razor this kind of product often and water contact, it is often hard to mouth to charge for waterproof processing, using it we wireless charging, electric parts completely sealed, thoroughly dust waterproof, and improve the product specification increase added value.

Design waterproof phone or intercom

The market of mobile phone, intercom typically use the plug contact charge, so it is difficult to really waterproof, using the wireless power supply can be  full seal design completely waterproof.

Wireless radio frequency card application development

The traditional wireless radio frequency card technologies to produce energy is very small, therefore can only achieve short identification function, and our  module can provide 500 ma current, greatly expand the application function, for example, can join the voice prompt, sound and light show or wireless  transmitting, and other functions, many occasions can also use no battery design, not only reduce the cost also can improve the service life of the  product.

Medical field

Some medical equipment must work in the human body, such as timing agent pump, capsule endoscope, etc, using the wireless power supply scheme can greatly  prolong the working time of the equipment, highly practical value.


Because the product  unceasingly to improve, some module circuit board a few place may and physical  map slightly difference, but guarantee function is the same.

Package included:

1 x Wireless charger transmitter module

1 x Wireless charger receiver module

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