Free Stuff: WinDirStat

This weeks freeware pick is called WinDirStat. It allows you to view everything that is taking up space on your hard drive and how much space it is taking. It presents it in a visual format that is easy to read.

How To Unlock Programs

This will be the first of a new series. This series will just be short videos exploring cool freeware that can be very useful. So the first freeware program to make the list is called “Unlocker“. If you’ve ever gotten a “Cannot move or delete folder: Access is Denied” error when trying to move or delete a file, this program will allow you to see what process is using it so that you can unlock it from any processes and delete it.

VLC Tutorial

This shows you cool things you can do with VLC Player, a multi-platform video player. You can do things like rip and encode DVD’s, play videos as ASCII art, and even stream music and video over the

Ways to get MP3’s

This video explains different methods of attaining music that you find on the web and saving it as MP3 format. We’ll cover Google searches, YouTube, Streaming radio and MySpace.

Streaming Online Videos

This video shows you how to download and play TV and movie files on your computer using two programs: Joost and Miro. Joost streams TV and Movies directly from the internet. It requires 528MB of ram and at least a 1.5 GHz processer. Miro can download online podcasts.