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The Art Of Phishing

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Phishing is a means of fooling people into giving you their private information. This video shows the basics of how phishing schemes work so that you can avoid becoming a victim.

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What is hacking?

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What do you think of when you hear the word “hack”? Do you know what it means to really be a hacker? This video tries to help shed some light on hacking.

Hacker Manifesto:

How to become a hacker:

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Hacking Tip: How To Use Proxies

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Proxies are great for surfing the web anonymously. This video will show you how to set up them up and use them.

Proxify –
HideMyAss –
WhatIsMyIPAdress –
Foxy Proxy –
Proxy Switchy –
Tor Project –
IP Hider –
Tutorial on using IP Hider –

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Make Free Calls With Your Smartphone

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If you have a smartphone, you no longer need to pay for data AND voice minutes. This video will show you how to make calls for free using Google Voice.

Instructions for iPhone:

Proxy Instructions:

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Hide Secret Messages In Audio

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If you’re into making secret messages, this episode will show you how you can embed text and images into audio spectrographs. See if you can decode my sound clips at

Links used in this video:


Sonic Visualiser


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