• bhaiyubais says:

    I think that hacking is fun.
    I lick to know how things works.
    therefore,I lick to know how hacking is done.

  • bhaiyubais says:

    my mistake is lick that should be like.

  • shijen says:

    ur site is take too much time to load …

  • shaffse21 says:

    WOW! it took me 19 years to get the password

  • udaradamitha says:

    hello i want to learn how get source code from jar file
    i lost my software source code i really want that source code please reply me i can send my software i want to change photo in the software

  • slimstev says:

    Hello, is there anyone who can make a good keylogger? Please say back at my post. thank you…

  • test says:

    //JavaScript code goes here
    alert(‘Hello World!’);