• Kartik says:

    cant we install windows 8 directly on tab by removing android or making dual boot….
    can u do a video tutorial for this…????

  • Andrew says:

    I’ve had the paid version of Splashtop Streamer on my Android tablet since I bought it. I CANNOT get this to work with Windows 8 as described. This was one of the first things I tried after installing Windows 8. When I connect to my Windows 8 PC the tiled menu is there, but the software does NOT automatically detect windows 8 and adjust the touch screen accordingly. The tablet presents the tiled Start screen with a slider at the bottom of the screen that you have to touch to move sideways in Windows 8. The normal touch gestures don’t work. If you try to “swipe” the screen itself you only manage to move around the tiles. Please explain how to make this behave like a Windows 8 tablet because this doesn’t work for me. The “touch” slider at the bottom of the tablet’s screen is horrible.

  • jerrym11 says:

    what is the chepest/best for the money tab to buy. to try this out. thanks!!