• zilloland says:

    your intros AMAZING what program u use

  • Kevin says:


  • shubham gupta says:

    nice video and amazing intro…….

  • Vineeth says:

    I became a member, but forgot my user id now when i use forgot username, it sends an email but it is not working, help me
    I love the new intro and whydon;t you make a series on phishing????

  • Chris says:

    Nice Tutorial Man ;) , but I Do have to ask you , If you register a domain name in http://www.dot.tk is it necessary to pay as well?

  • Rumbis says:

    just awesome intro and video :)

  • calen says:

    He used 3ds max

  • Joris says:

    this page is created on my birthday!!

  • dick says:

    damn bitch fuck it the name should be pissing

  • Kieran says:

    Thanks, nice video

  • Redredc says:

    Alright, how do you NOT know that someone is phishing you, when you know the password is 1234, and they “forget” it?

    Great tutorial though!

  • mbbs says:

    love u Master ..