• Kingdutch says:

    Looking good, can’t wait for you to finish it : )

  • Asd20752 says:

    I like it’s look. Are just waiting for the video :)

  • I haven’t seen it :/

  • computerguy says:

    It looks awesome already!

  • fazi110 says:

    nice 1!

  • zilloland says:

    what program is this

  • Robert Delphion says:

    Looks very good. What’s the software?

  • asdad says:

    What program do u use?

  • Suman Mitra says:

    it will be better if those blue and green dark colours are not used instead a lighter colour would look nice,yhough it’s looking preety good :D

  • Mohamed says:

    You want to see it? You got to see it!

    Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_RW_JmBNfk

    Good Luck!

  • Sam says:

    Is that maya?

  • Jeff says:

    Nice….by the way, great tutorials, awesome site!

  • James Christian says:

    Very Nice .!!

  • cpstechnologies says:

    Its nice but I still prefer the old one…

  • n3rd says:

    Wow Thats Pretty Cool Which Program Are You Using.

  • ryu says:

    ..awesome.. can you have also a tutorial for that

  • Mehrshad says:

    I think he use auto desk

  • san90986 says:

    great work ……………….awesome

  • James says:


  • Sh says:

    Hi tinkernut,

    Could u consider doing a video about vnc? It would be helpful, thanks !

  • Brian says:

    pretty sick. what software is this???

  • Deren Ramadan says:

    Awesome gigafide :)

  • sulliv4n says:

    The program it’s 3ds Max 2012 by Autodesk.

  • vaibhav says:

    which program u used 2 make this intro

  • roipssa says:

    Hi, please I want to know how to get mac adress and compt valid help me please