• karthik babu says:

    great dude!!!!! nice work……..

  • JWP says:

    Might be beneficial to add:

    deny SELECT ON sys.sysobjects TO webdatabaselogon;
    deny SELECT ON sys.objects TO webdatabaselogon;
    deny SELECT ON sys.TABLES TO webdatabaselogon;
    deny SELECT ON sys.views TO webdatabaselogon;

    or something to that effect to protect the website from SQL injections

  • S Walker says:

    Also sanitize $_POST data with functions like mysql_real_escape_string() to help prevent SQL injection

  • Mary says:

    I’m having some trouble and I’m not sure why. I can type exactly the same thing as the video has and I end up with “ERROR 1064 <42000>: you have an error in your SQL syntax”
    and then it advises me to check the manual. It says the problem is “near ‘‘ at line one” or whatever line it seemed to think the problem is on.
    it always seems to be near a ; though I can’t understand why that would be wrong when it’s working for you.
    So far the only thing that has worked is creating the database my_data though it doesn’t like the idea of tables and columns, can’t make a password or look at the existing databases.

    I am a bit dyslexic, but I’ve checked and recheck my spelling and order of things at least 12 times to compensate as I inevitable have to do with all things I write, but I can’t find the problem. I really do hope I’m overlooking something.

  • Wildbulll says:

    Love, love, love this series.

  • sebastian says:

    thx it really helped me

  • swapnil says:

    i hvjst error in wordpress themes installof video podcasting

    plzz suggest me how to fix it?

  • Kevin says:

    Great tutorials! I would love to see another one in this series on security.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Robbe says:

    In the MySQL prompt I enter the pass but then my pc beebs?

  • Mehrshad says:

    Great tutorials!! :D

  • orestesdd says:

    I followed all 6 video tutorials. Now my question is: where do I go from here to learn more? Specially I’d like to learn more about CCS, PHP, and mySql. Thanks for posting all these videos. One more question, what tools do you use to make these videos? What mic? What video editor? What software? Again thanks.

  • orestesdd says:

    What happened? I can’t see any of the posts.

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    I tried, did not work